14th May 1951


George and I had a day out to Sheffield today. He wanted to see the town hall which we did and it was dull, just like I knew it would be. Then we went to Marshall & Snelgrove which was much more exciting. They have ‘ready to wear’ lines there, and it was odd to see rows of the same dresses and coats hanging up. But the fashions were lovely and similar to the things I’ve been seeing in the magazines. I took some mental notes and will definitely be trying out the fuller skirts in my own designs.
The best thing about today was that I have now got my posh frock for the grand re-opening of the Theatre Royal in August! It was in the sale so George was happy! It’s the most glamorous dress I’ve ever worn. It fits beautifully; fitted over the bust and in at the waist and then full and long to the floor, its silvery with sprigs of flowers, very classy, not overdone at all.

George smiled when he saw me in it, and his eyes lit up the way they do when he likes something. It made me feel even more determined about buying it. I have to find things to wear with it now, maybe my brocade shoes will go. This is going to be an exciting project!