1st November 1944


Dear Diary, I can hardly hold the pen to write, my whole world is ending, has ended. Why has this happened to me? Frank told me this evening he has signed up for the Navy and he’s leaving tomorrow! Tomorrow!

I thought he was joking at first, but he wasn’t. He enlisted a few weeks ago without telling me because he said he didn’t want to upset me. ‘Well you’ve upset me now!’ I cried.

I asked where he was going and he said Portsmouth for training then off to Scotland for who knows what, I couldn’t listen. All I could think about was he was leaving and I didn’t know when I’d see him again. Oh Diary, what will I do?

I can’t stop crying. I asked if I could see him off tomorrow but he said they were leaving early in the morning and it wouldn’t be fair on me. I don’t care! I’d see him off at one in the morning if only he’d let me.

He did look upset though, and he has given me a little brooch, it’s from his uniform lapel and it has a little anchor on it. I’m wearing it now; I’ll never take it off, well, not until Frank comes home again.

I can’t write anymore, everything’s blurry from tears. I don’t think I’ll ever write again.