17th July 1951


I’ve made my mind up about something today. I’m going to get a job. And not just any job, a job in fashion! Oh, I’m so excited just to write it down! 

I simply can’t stand moping around this house any longer. George is always at work and he’s spending more time away from home than usual. He won’t tell me where he’s been and if I ask he gets irate with me and says maybe if I was at home more often he wouldn’t feel the need to go out as much. Well bully for him, I’m glad he’s finally got an interest outside of home; it’s about time he did something other than his dull banking and pipe smoking! 

Anyway, this job of mine! Well, I saw it in a pamphlet I’d found on the bus! I took the bus because I’d decided to have a day out to Uttoxeter to visit the market, and on the journey back I saw this bit of paper sticking out of from under my seat. Someone must have dropped it, so I picked it up to hand to the driver. I had a little flick through first just to see what it was, and then I saw the heading “Fashion provides a career for girls”! 

It was a wonderful advert asking for any girls interested in fashion who’d like an opportunity to make high class clothes. Well, isn’t that what I already do?! I mean anything I can’t find I make for myself. I have several dresses, jackets and even a pant suit which I’ve made up, and I’m even adding my own touches to my new frock for the re-opening next month. This job was practically made for me! And if anyone knows fashion it’s me, I’m devoted to it, simply love it. So why not make a job from it! I've hidden the pamphlet in amongst my magazines for the moment.

Now I just need to tell George. I’m sure he’ll be pleased; he’s always said I have a flair for sewing and he admires the stuff I make very much. But he is acting funny at the moment and what with his strange moods of late I best choose my time carefully. I want him to be just as happy about it as me. Oh George, why do you have to be so difficult?