9th June 1951


I read the most exciting article today in Picture Post. It was all about two friends called Pam and Tilly who live in London and work in the suit department of one of the department stores in the West End.

They’re very modern girls and share their own ‘bachelor’ flat which has an electric kitchen! Imagine that!

Their lives sound so exciting, they get to work in fashion and meet new people. They even have a chance to move up and be promoted to ‘buyers’ who earn as much as £14 a week on a commission! How I wish I could work with fashion, I wish I could do something even half as exciting as them. These girls are only 22 and they are living their dream. For them no two days are alike, ‘You never get stale or a feeling of being stuck’. How wonderful to feel like that!
I swear I get so bored sometimes I could cry. Thank goodness for the do at the Royal, though what I shall do once it’s over I don’t know…