17th August 1951


I wish I could see Frank! We’re not due to meet again until the end of the week but I can’t wait that long! I have to talk to him now.

I went to his boarding house today, I didn’t even care who saw, but the landlady said he was away on business.

George has been ridiculously kind to me since the night at the Royal. I can tell things have shaken him up too and he feels bad for being so harsh with me. But his sweet nature is killing me. Every time he buys me flowers or complements me, I feel like a knife is being thrust through my heart. I feel horrid.

He even bought me a new bracelet today. It wasn’t like last time he brought me home a present, like with the disc. This time he waited until we’d finished our evening meal and slid a box over the table towards me. I looked up in confusion but he didn’t say anything, just looked expectantly at me.

I wasn’t even excited to open it, and when I saw the bracelet I said ‘Its lovely thank you’ but I couldn’t bring myself to look at it again and closed the box. George looked very disappointed.

If only I could see Frank, I just know he’d make it better. If only I could talk to him and sort this mess out.