20th June 1951


I really do love George! I know I moan about him sometimes but he’s such a sweetheart really. Today he surprised me with the most wonderful gift! A new disc for my record player called Echoes of Paris by George Feyer!

I’ve been dying to get my hands on something new to play for ages, and tonight he came home with a silly smile on his face and his hands hidden behind his back.
‘What on earth are you doing George?’ I asked as he made me sit down and close my eyes before holding out my hands. When I opened my eyes I was so surprised that I just leapt up and kissed him right there and then.

Well, it’s just a lovely disc, so sophisticated! There’s no words, just music, that’s how you know it’s classical.
I do love Paris! I’ve never been of course but I’d love to see it. The fashions, Dior! Chanel! George knows I have a yearning for all things French and he’s bought me countless perfumes and powders; An Evening in Paris is my favourite. But I love this disc most of all. I put it on this evening and I just drifted off imagining I was there wearing the latest designs and sipping cool champagne by the Seine.