27th June 1951


Well you’ll never believe it but Frank was as good as his word! I am now in possession of this months Vogue! How he got his hands on it I have no idea. Goodness it’s just wonderful to be up to date with all the important things!

There’s articles on the new beauty routine (heavy powder over foundation is now ‘in’), lovely spreads on this seasons jackets and best of all there’s a pattern inside I am sure to be making up very soon!

I especially love looking at all the adverts, and I feel such pleasure to recognise a particular brand of lipstick, perfume or lotion I already have; Coty, Tangee and Number Seven, I’m a Vogue girl to be sure!

There’s one advert in particular I must look into; Kamera Clear base Technicolor Makeup. Moira Shearer uses it for her personal appearances. It’s a foundation with a ‘charming and flattering natural look’ so good it’s used in all the technicolour films, imagine that! I have no clue where I could buy it though; I doubt the chemist down town will stock it. I wonder if Frank could help?